Enabling Gaza’s Youth Through Economic Empowerment

Our Story

Story of Bezert Amal Initiative

Bezert Amal Initiative aims to provide financial support to families in Gaza to start small businesses for daily income.


Our Main Services

Helping families start sustainable small business projects for daily income.

Financial Aid

Providing financial support for small business projects

Skill Development

Enabling youth with essential skills for employment


Guidance and support for business success

Make a Difference Today

Support Gaza families build their future through sustainable businesses.

Our Process

How We Support Families


Evaluate family needs and business ideas for financial assistance.


Provide financial support to help families start their small businesses in Gaza.


Regularly check the progress of funded projects and provide guidance for success.

Join Us Now

Support Gaza Families Today!

Become a partner in empowering families in Gaza to achieve financial independence through sustainable businesses.

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